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Vocal Workshop with Jordan Lea

Friday, 22nd July 2022 Naseby Village Hall

Get your voices ready for a vocal and harmony workshop

Jordan is the lead singer with the Willow Station Duo. A very fine singer who will give a workshop on how to get the very best from your vocal performance.

Bluegrass Guitar Workshop with Chris Moreton

Friday, 22nd July 2022 Naseby Village Hall

A one hour, hands on workshop demonstrating the fundamentals of bluegrass guitar...

Chris Moreton needs little introduction, as one of the UK's leading flat pick masters of bluegrass guitar he has led the way for decades of players. His entertaining and enthusiastic teaching have been an inspiration to many budding guitarists, This year he plans to offer, a variety of topics, including, the guitarists job in a bluegrass band, guitar set up, plectrum technique, rhythm and feel, G runs and bass walks, breaking into playing melody, crosspicking, The essential T's timing, tuning, tempo, tab, tips and strategies for dealing with ageing as a flat picker, Plenty there to whet your appetite and get your teeth into.

Dobro Workshop with Denny Rochio

Friday, 22nd July 2022 Naseby Village Hall

A hands on workshop demonstrating the fundamentals of the Dobro...

Hailing from the Molise region of Italy (Roccaravindola is the name of his native village), Denny is responsible for "all things guitar" in the Truffle Valley band. When performing on resonator guitar, he proudly carries on the tradition of all-too-often overlooked pioneers of the instrument such as George "Speedy" Krise, Bill Carver, Pete "Oswald" Kirby and Shot Jackson. His style on the instrument is a defining trait of the Truffle Valley Boys' sound. Denny is also one of the very few proponents of the "thumb-and-finger style" and "Carter scratch" rhythm guitar styles worldwide, an extremely authentic touch that allows the band to employ seldom heard timing nuances.

Banjo Workshop with Germano Ciavone

Saturday, 23rd July 2022 Naseby Village Hall

A hands on workshop demonstrating the fundamentals of the Bluegrass Banjo...

Germano comes from the small village of Carpinone, nestled in the mountains above the city of Isernia in Molise, Italy...a.k.a. the "Truffle Valley"! With a fiery passion and in-depth knowledge of early Blue Grass music, he raises his banjo to the microphone and plays with unstoppable power and inventiveness. His style is derived from the study of 1950s players such as Don Stover, Ralph Stanley and Jim Smoak, along with his own sensibility.
Currently making his home in Sweden, he's also a bona fide expert on early 1900s steam trains, and works part-time as an engineer on the historical Lennakatten railroad line!

Bluegrass Mandolin Workshop with Matt Ringressi

Saturday, 23rd July 2022 Naseby Village Hall

A hands on mandolin workshop with Matteo Ringressi of the Trffle Valley Boys demonstrating the fundamentals of bluegrass mandolin...

Matt was born in Forli, Italy, and he first heard the sound of a banjo on "the Muppet Show" when he was just three years old - he's been hooked ever since. He has been regularly performing on the most prestigious stages of the Blue Grass, Country and Rockabilly scene worldwide for over 15 years, both with his projects and backing up a number of legendary performers. He plays authentic, period-perfect mandolin (he is a firm believer in the use of oval-hole mandolins in Blue Grass!) as well as guitar and fiddle, and handles most of the lead singing as well as some harmony. A real scholar of 1940s/1950s Blue Grass (and Country music in general), he complements his performing activity with discographical and music research work.

Bluegrass Fiddle Workshop with Nigel Canter

Saturday, 23rd July 2022 Naseby Village Hall

A hands on workshop demonstrating the fundamentals of bluegrass fiddle...

Nigel Canter will once again be offering a bluegrass fiddle workshop this year, known for his intricate solo work and supportive back up style with the essential ability to hear the mood of the a song in addition to the ability to play a unique version of an instrumental.. it will be of great advantage to the students of the fiddle to attend, Nigel adapts his teaching to suit the class, be they beginners ,intermediate or advanced... Highly recommended for all students of Bluegrass fiddle playing.