The Fountaineers


The Fountaineers formed during lockdown through a shared love of bluegrass music. Callum MT (Mandolin), Rob Hart (Banjo), Jeri Foreman (Fiddle) and Michael Wright (Guitar) all had busy schedules prior to the 2020 pandemic, so had struggled for time together. As lockdown eased in summer, the quartet met in the green areas of Glasgow to jam. Members of the public loved their spirit, and the group were named by an especially appreciative Glaswegian whilst playing in the Kelvingrove fountain. Glasgow based, but with members hailing from Scotland, the USA and Australia, all fully committed to knowing the intricacies of the style, The Fountaineers are truly an international bluegrass band.
Callum MT: mandolin
Jeri Foreman: fiddle
Michael Wright: guitar
Rob Hart: 5-string banjo
The band have been ambitious in their time together, releasing their debut single "Old Ties and Companions" to Spotify and YouTube in November last year. An EP of original tunes and traditional bluegrass standards is planned for release this year.